Mission and Core Values

Creating Successful Children
The Mission Of Fort Huachuca Accommodation School District
The mission of the Fort Huachuca Accommodation Schools is to develop literate and responsible citizens who find joy in learning an environment where every child has the opportunity to be successful.

Fort Huachuca Accommodation School District Core Values


The students are the priority and focus every day and in every decision.  Therefore, we are committed to these values and duties:


1.  Supporting each student's opportunity to discover, develop, and reach their fullest


          a.  Unwavering focus on student learning

          b.  Success for all students while meeting individual learning needs

          c.  Embracing the value of fun


2.  Engaging families as partners in the education of their children

          a.  Support the family's role and responsibility in education

          b.  Incorporate the unique needs of military children

          c.  Embrace parent involvement in decision-making


3.  Promoting and celebrating academic excellence

          a.  Rigorous curriculum

          b.  Quality support programs and extracurricular activities

          c.  Appropriately certified and qualified staff

          d.  Success is expected and celebrated


4.  Providing a safe and positive setting for learning

          a.  Welcoming and supportive atmosphere

          b.  Relationships and kindness matter

          c.  Proactive communication is essential

          d.  Maintain a safe and secure environment


5.  upholding the highest standards of character for our staff, students, and guest

          a.  Responsibility

          b.  Accountability

          c.  Integrity

          d.  Respect