Welcome Back

I am so excited to welcome our amazing students back to school.  It has been approximately five months since we have held in-person class, and we are ready!  Our buildings have been cleaned and prepared for a new year, and our staff has worked hard to be ready for both in-person instruction and if needed, distance learning.   I am so proud to work with such a dedicated team that cares deeply for the children placed in their care. 


The first day of school is always such a special time.   Unfortunately, it is being overshadowed because we are beginning the school year when our country is still working through the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Many of us are nervous about the safety of our loved ones and how the added changes and precautions the school is taking will impact student learning.  On top of these, our students will have the typical excitement and anxiety of starting the school year.   For those that are new to our district, they will be experiencing even more concern about finding new friends, not getting lost, and maybe also if the teachers will be helpful.  We will do our best to welcome and provide a safe and positive setting for them.  However, if you notice or are concerned about the emotional wellbeing of your child and would like them to visit with our school counselor, please let the principal know, and we will offer additional support.


We value our families and have been so blessed to have parents that are engaged in their children’s education.  Our teachers have relied on parent volunteers, and it is always special to see a visiting parent spend lunch with their son or daughter.  I am sad that we will begin our school year without these opportunities available to our parents.  I wish we could have found a safe way to invite parents to walk their children to their classes on the first day and to do an in-person meet and greet.  I give you my word that as soon as it is safe, we will open our doors to parents and rollback some of the precautions we currently have in place to limit the spread of the COVID Virus. 


We are here to serve you, and if at any time you experience a problem or have a concern, please bring it to the attention of your child’s teacher or principal so that we can assist.  If you have selected the Distance learning model and you are experiencing technical or other problems, we need to know as soon as possible so that your children do not fall behind or miss valuable instruction. 


We welcome you and look forward to a fantastic year!