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James Harper - President

Mr. James H. Harper, Board President

James graduated from North Georgia College in 1980 and served 30 years in the Army, retiring at Fort Huachuca in 2010. He served in assignments across the U.S. and overseas, exposing his five children to multiple schools across his last eight duty stations. He is now an Army Concept writer for the Intelligence Center of Excellence. He currently serves in various positions in the Sierra Vista and Ft. Huachuca communities to include Boy Scouting at both the unit and district levels, and the Ft. Huachuca Retiree Council, while providing support to both the Buena High School Band and to the Joyce Clark Middle School PTSO where Karen, his wife of over 33 years, serves as PTSO President. While his two oldest daughters are graduated from the University of Arizona, married, and living outside the local area, he enjoys supporting his other three children, ages 13, 15, and 17, as they participate in band, choir, Scouting, soccer and other sports, theater, church, and other activities. Karen has served as president of several PTSOs, the Ft Huachuca Spouses Club, the Military Conference of Catholic Women, and has taught Religious Education classes for over thirty years. James has a Master’s Degree from the Army War College while his wife has a degree in Special Education and his two older daughters each have a business degree. James enjoys reading History, woodworking, spending time outdoors, and battling the aging process through exercise. James and Karen plan to remain in Sierra Vista.